VIDEO: Texas A&M Prof Curry on Beating Whites

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WARNING: Video contains uncensored obscene language.

Support Aggies released a second audio clip exposing Texas A&M University Professor Tommy Curry’s campus lectures that push violence as the only and “inevitable” option for social change.

Curry then tells students that he turns on the news just to see white people being beaten with batons.

What do you think? Is it appropriate for the Texas A&M leadership to support courses and environments where the only perspective taught to students is one of violence being the only legitimate option for social change?

Take action! Sign the petition to help put an end to indoctrination of hate and violence promoted by Professor Curry and President Young.

Video Transcript:

“If you’re talking about a ground level social movement, then you’re gonna talk about something that is gonna inevitably have to deal with the question of violence.”

“Well come on, I mean, you know, you have to think, like, think of the mindf*** that people are getting. It’s like oh my God! White people are being beaten with batons! I turn on the news just to see that! Right! Because; I’m serious.” –Professor Tommy Curry, Texas A&M University