Exclusive Video: Texas A&M Professor Curry to Students: Tell Others to Kill White People

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Support Aggies released a third video Monday morning exposing Texas A&M University Philosophy Professor Tommy Curry’s extreme and dangerous indoctrination in the classroom, where he promoted killing white people and encouraged violent revolution.

WARNING: This video contains obscene language.

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Professor Curry teaches an extreme and narrow view of race in America. During a lecture on the Texas A&M campus, he told students that they should appeal to others by telling them to kill white people. Curry confirmed to students that violence is the only way to create change.

Academic freedom should never be extended to faculty that intentionally incite violence, especially racially-motivated violence, regardless of the race targeted. While such views may and often should be studied, they should never be promoted by faculty.

Video Transcript:

Any other questions? So are you saying that nothing would change without violence between the oppressors and the oppressed? In this American context, yes.

Change is change, not progress, not amelioration, just simple f*****’ change, right? So you think about this. Just ‘cause you change the tires on a car it’s not a different car, it still has the same engine, same disposition, same color, same f***** up features, right? And this is what I’m arguing is the case with America. We’ve decided to say we have a colonial structure. We exploit people. Hell, we kill people for fun and then we call it democracy.

You know, it becomes part of our duty to organize in ways that appeal to their sentiments, right. Like if I go up there talking about Du Bois, that shit probably won’t sell for you, but if I have, I mean, the conversation, when I get my haircut I’m having conversations about Fanon and people are like ‘that’s the s***, yeah, who says that?’ Those things, say kill white people, they like oh [covered by laughter] but I’m very serious. These ideas resonate in the history of people who have been oppressed, right. I mean, we have conversations like this all the time, so I think that it’s going to be through a kind of creative education and a creative outreach.

The ideas that the white citizens have in America, even when they’re liberal, does not border on the type of revolutionary sentiment needed to reconstruct and reconfigure the relationship between corporations, educations, universities, and other people of color in the United States. Thank you.