NEW VIDEO: Texas A&M Prof. Curry Incites Violence Against Whites

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WARNING: Video contains uncensored obscene language.

Support Aggies has released an audio recording of Texas A&M University Professor Tommy Curry promoting violence during a lecture to Texas A&M University students.

After attacking “conservatives at Texas A&M,” Curry told students that “you cannot have progress here without violence.”

The remarks provide insight to into the hateful and dangerous rhetoric utilized to indoctrinate Texas A&M students.

In one paper, titled ”Please Don’t Make Me Touch ‘Em: Towards a Critical Race Fanonianism as a Possible Justification for Violence against Whiteness,” Curry writes:  “Under such dire colonial circumstances, I argue that there should be a renewed discussion on the role that violence and decolonization can play in the American context.”

Please sign the petition against hate and violence if you agree that promotion of racism and violence should not be tolerated.

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“Now we ask ourselves a very deep question: Well, what the f*** do we do? Right? Jackson argued that the task of a revolutionary is to create revolution, and this doesn’t simply mean that we create the thoughts that sound cool in classrooms, that sound cool next to the already degradated minds of the conservatives at Texas A&M, we already know that’s bull****,” said Curry. “You cannot have progress here without violence and upheaval because it’s struggle for liberation for the other.”