Document Dump: Professor Curry’s Emails

Open Records       May 12, 2017 5:45 PMBy:        0 comments

Support Aggies was provided with an open records request set of documents that appear to be emails sent by Professor Tommy Curry. The document contains over 600 pages of emails.

On page 17, Curry writes to the former Director of African American Studies at College of Charleston: “I hope the aftermath of the talk was manageable. Again thanks for the invitation.”

In addition, there appears to be dissent within the Department of Philosophy Diversity Committee regarding Curry’s radical diversity and curriculum proposals. Eventually, Curry gives up: “I don’t have any other ideas. I have suggested putting in concrete examples and logistics and it seems these ideas are simply not suppoted.”

Click here to download the PDF document.  The file is over 30 megabytes. It might take a moment to download.

Support Aggies is currently reviewing these records. If you find something notable within, please post it in the comments below.